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Now That We've All Taken The Test And Passed, Can Anyone Tell Me About The Continuing Education Credits. How Many Do We Need, And Are They A Requirement For License Renewal. And Do We Just Pick Subjects? Because I Have Several Magazine Subscriptions And They Always Have Ce Test That Can Be Done. If Anyone Has Any Info, I Would Really Appreciate It.

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Each state has their own requirements as to the number that you need for licnese renewal. On average, it is about 25 every two years for most states.

You may get them from attending seminars, workshops at your hospital (if they submitted for CEUs to b eoffered), nursing journals, etc.

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As the above poster mentioned, each state is just a little different.

Here's a link to a great site, lots of variety in their offerings and low price (my kind of price!)

Yep, you pretty much choose the topics you are interested in or feel you need somerefresher in.

Ohio requires in each recertification period "nursing and hte law." My guess would be most states do.

MyFreeCE advertises here on AllNurse though I found them long before I found allnurse. I've been very happy with them and have only paid for the law CEU elsewhere.


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I have also heard that Ohio requires that ONE of the CEU's each renewal period be about nursing and the law. Since we are just newly liscenced though, do we need all 24 CEU's when we are ready to renew our liscences? I do know that you can earn CEU's from the back of nursing magazines. NURSING SPECTRUM usually has a test in the back of the magazine that you can take to earn CEU's.

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