Questionabout Accelerated Programs


I will be finishing my Biochem degree (BA) with a 3.0 by the end of this spring term 2007. I want to apply for the accelerated nursing programs, and my residence is in new york city, so I will be applying to school in this state.

I know NYU will admit people even if they haven't finished their prereqs but do other colleges do this as well?

What are my chances of getting into these programs? I understand that they are very competitive. My friend who has a BS in Economics was accepted but had no experience at all in the health field. I'm worried that I will not be accepted because my GPA is lower than his, although the bulk of my degree are all science courses such as organic chem, biochem, physics, and bio.

My friend also told me that he applied as a transfer student, so he didnt have to hand in any recommendations or essays. Is this usually possible?

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