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I am a registered nurse, who is contemplating working in Hong Kong. I have visited the Hong Kong council on Nursing website and continue to pour over all the requirements, but I would really love to hear from others, who have gone through the process. I still do not understand the difference between *enroled* (how its spelled) and *registered* there. Is an enroled nurse like an LPN? or someone, who is getting ready to take the exam for registration? I have referred these questions to the council and do not think they understand my questions on it. PLEASE, someone share your experience, if you have gone through this process! The other piece of this is, I specialize in mental health and I believe there is separate testing for this as well. I know there are two times out of the year to test. One in March for the written and one in August for the practical. I sure do hope I hear from someone. That is a looooooooong way to travel to make any mistakes in the application and testing process!

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Enrolled nurse would be similar to LPN. Registered nurse would be similar to what you know know