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Hi guys, I am sophomore as a pre nursing student and I still have about six months to study for the teas v exam but I just don't know where to start from. Right know my GPA is suffering I have a 3.00 that's not even close to what I need although I still have another year ahead of me I don't think even with perfect grades I will be able to bring the gpa high enough to get into nursing and the only option now is to study for the teas v exam and get a really well score on it. I hope I can get some ideas as to what to do.


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I had to take the TEAS several times before I passed. I highly highly recommend studying the ATI Handbook with a fine tooth comb. That, along with the 2 practice tests on the ATI website are extremely helpful to passing!! I did not find much help with study aids that were not ATI brand.

The fact that you have 6 months to study is so great. That gives you plenty of time to get through the ATI Handbook and then take the practice tests afterwards.


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Definitely get the whole ATI package. So that means obtaining the book with the two assessment tests. It's an $investment$$ but it will definitely help you in the long run. Also read the ATI book front to back have 6 months to adequately prepare. I only had 2 weeks. You'll do great. Also I will provide this link of this user who details the components of the ATI exam beautifully. Good luck to you and happy studying :)!!


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Thank you guys for all the information. I went to the local Barnes and noble and I wasnt able locate a Ati package but I did get the 5 Teas practice test by Mcgraw- hill education. I will try online to get Ati package online. I was also wondering Adelacruz as to how many attempts do you get to take the Teas. I wish guys luck in your exams as well.


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The ATI package is found on ATItesting website! The amount of times you can take it depends on what school you're applying to. My school allows you to take it 3 times in a calendar year (January-December) with at least 30 days in between.


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Hi! Did you notice if there were questions repeated esp on the reading part?