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Hi, I am interested in becoming either a neonatal nurse or a labor and delivery nurse. I was wondering how everyone likes their jobs and any advice they could give me. THANK YOU!!!


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I love what I do as an LDRP nurse. But I do not know enough about YOU and your background to advise you on what you should do. One thing I suggest is if you can, please try and shadow an OB or NICU nurse to see how it "really is".....that will help you get a real view of what do each day.


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i have been doing l&d for 6 years and i would not do anything else. I also do newborn nursery and some care in the step down unit. Nothing about L&D is routine. Every day there is something new to learn :)


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I love L&D, Postpartum, Newborn care, the works. For my personality, working in a LDRP unit is awesome because I really like the continuing care of laboring a patient one night and teaching her infant care/breastfeeding, etc. the next. You develop a real bond in labor often that helps when you then care for the patients postpartum.

Smilingblueeyes is right - try to shadow someone for a few days and find out what you like. I could never work just L&D, the stress would get to me, but I love the combination unit...


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Thank you very much for all of your input, it really helped me decide what I want to do. THANKS! :balloons:

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