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Hi..I have been asked to be my church's camp nurse for a week. I have told them under my license I can render first aid and be a first responder. I also told them I cannot give meds without a signed doctor's order and parental permission. Anything else I should know?

typically you will be THE go to person for illness or injury. The parents will need to bring RX meds in original RX bottle with the most current dosing on the bottle (that is the doctors order) As far as OTC meds, usually the parents will give permission on the health form, and the camp should have a set of "standing orders" that the community doctor serving as the "camp doctor" will sign yearly. These orders will have basic first aid and emergency guidelines as well as Guidelines of when to give otc meds. Example from mine: Headache: encourage hydration and rest, may give tylenol or Ibuprofen dosing based on age and weight per product label. I also do not hesitate to contact parents, some don't care, some really really really care. But I always err on the side of keeping them very informed if their child is needing my services.

Thank you annepelt. This is a 4 hr a day 1 week camp. No doctor for prns. I told them I can't give meds because no forms have gone out to have doc sign with an order. I will just do first aid. The only issue is one kid have severe allergies and will need to bring their epi pen. I guess the best thing to do is have that parent get a signed order before camp starts.


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Make sure your malpractice insurance will cover you even for that short period of time. Do not assume that folk will be benevolent and understanding (even if religion affiliated) if something negative occurs.

I actually don't have any right now. That is why I restricted care to first aid only.


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Uh, first aiders can also be sued!!! (Am NOT being a smarty pants here!)

I don't want to preach doom & gloom but we experienced nurses are extremely proactive re the absolute need for malpractice insurance for any nurse in any practice situation.

You wouldn't drive your car without auto insurance; you have health insurance for hospitalizations; you have homeowner's insurance for fires. You hope you never need any of them, but it's so important to have them JUST IN CASE ...

If you're a newbie, you can prob get a discount. Even for most NSO policy holders, the cost balances out to about $10/month. You can't beat that cost for such peace of mind for your professional career and personal life.

PLEASE, consider insurance!