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Hi everyone! I'm still a BSN student, but I' ve been interested in conitinuing my education. So, I'm still learning what are the options out there smile.gif

I've heard that there are only several states you can work as nurse-anast.

Is it true? If yes, do you know what are they? I live in AZ, and I'm trying to figure out if my state included?


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I dont know if AZ allows this but I live in Texas and they do. I graduated with a BSN in December and I am also interested. I do know that they like you to have 3 years ICU experience before applying. Best of luck!!


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If you are talking about nurse anesthetists, you need to go on to a masters' program after having completed your BSN and (in my state) having had several years of nursing experience, especially in an ICU setting. If you have experience in a SICU or a CV-ICU, so much the better.After completing the masters' program, there are testa you must complete and you become a CRNA. This is a nationally-recognised profession, and there is a web site for their national association-- American Association of Nurse Anesthetists which can give you more info. Their web site is "www.aana.com" if you're interested.

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A CRNA may practice in any state in the USA, as well as US Protectorates, colonies, whatever.

The sub-licensing requirements vary widely (ie, post RN licensing).

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