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I am a CNA now, also a current student who wants to become a nurse. Is this possible with a felony on my record? If you have the answer let me know please.


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Not really sure all that I can say is that one of the students in my class was arrested when she was 19 (she's 28 now) and it came up on her record check and the dean had a talk with the. She was arrested for fighting, and she didn't get kicked out of the program. I think you have to be honest about it. Depending on what the felony is, they may let you into nursing school, but then maybe the state won't let you take your boards. I'd talk with an advisor about it, and just remember to be honest.


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Thanks. I would never try to hide this issue, but I just started to think about it. I have been in school now about 7 months.

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