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I have a disbaled son. He has Spinal Muscular atrophy, He has a G-tube and is on a C-pap at night, He gets daily breathing treatments everyday and Has never walked He is 13 years old. His disease is progressive. THere is more to his medical condition but I figured I would get to the point... Im suppose to do a resume for Nursing school. my ? is should I use my experiences with my son... Its not a employer that Im working for but It is hand on experience that I have with my son for 13 years... Is it ok to put that this information on my resume... and If so how should I word :

under experieces ????

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You could certainly include the don't have to say it's your son. You could say something like "provided daily care for the past 13 years to a child with Spinal Muscular atrophy" and include a list of skills that required.


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thank you soo much for your response:D

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I would probably list this under a seperate heading on your resume- the usual area for work-related experience, than another heading (or a sub-heading) listing something like "Additional Relevant Experiences" where you could list the types of care you've provided for your son.



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Well, I haven't done a nursing resume, yet. But, I sure have done a great many corporate resumes. It depends on "how" your resume is structured. However, to beef up a corporate resume you could use the headings of "PAID WORK EXPERIENCE" and "UNPAID WORK EXPERIENCE". Again it would depend on how your resume is already structured.

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