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Hi,, good day to you all. Im a newbie here. ^_^ I would just like to ask something, Well,, I'm planning to work in California. Of course i should take the NCLEX exam there. But DOES the Certification program of CGFNS is necessary in any way to be able to work in California? I know it says in their website that it isnt necessary, but my aunt is just to consistent that CP is still included. I just need some clarification. Thanks.. and would you lead me where could i find the exact locations of testing center for CGFNS? their map doest have the exact location or address.. thanks again.. Godbless to you all

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The CGFNS exam is not required by Ca and therefore a waste of money doing it, your Aunt is wrong, only about 4 states now require CGFNS exam. With retrogression and a very long queue ahead of you if you haven't already got a work or immigrant visa then you have a long wait

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