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Hello everyone, I am so glad I found this site since everyone seems to be friendly, helpful and encouraging, and I hope I can get some answers to some questions that I have.

I am an esthetician, and I love being one. That's why I want to advance my career in that field and I thought of getting into medical field as nurse, so that I can be licensed to inject Botox, use hair laser removal, get more involved in dermatologist and etc. My question is since there are many levels of "nurses", what kind of nursing license would let me do the above things, and how long are the courses? And are most classes work on field? That is; working at hospital?

I would really appreciate any suggestion or help that I can get.

Thank you.:)

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there are two levels of licensed nurses in the u.s.: lpn and rn. to get either license you have to go to a state approved school and complete the course of study then take one of the nclex tests and pass it. licensing is granted by the state board of nursing in which you live. there are no exceptions on this. botox, because it is a drug, is probably regulated by the state as well and must be given by physician order. you would need to check this with your state law.

see these sites for information on becoming a nurse:

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