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Hi! I'm an NC resident and I'm so confused. On the USA College of Nursing website if you look under "students" they have a list of clinical affiliations for each state. There are many listed under NC (Duke, UNC, Novant, WakeForest Baptist, etc). So what does that mean??? We are able to choose any of those "affiliated" hospitals for preceptors? Does it mean those facilities have already been "approved" by USA/NCBON? Any insight into this from former/current USA students would be awesome! :up:

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Recently NC passed a law requiring on line schools from out of state to get approval from a panel established at UNC to teach to NC residents. Prior to that law going into effect, there were many online programs operating effectively in NC, they had students in various phases of completion when the law went into effect.

My school is working on getting approval to operate in NC again. Part of that negotiation with the state when they started the process of getting approval was to determine what would happen with the existing students. My school was told that NC residents already enrolled in the university at the time that the law went into effect could continue on their current programs, including doing clinicals at sites in NC until those programs completed, but that the university could not enroll new NC residents until they were approved by the UNC organization that will someday approve online programs.

I would suggest you talk to USA officials and determine where they are in the process of obtaining permission to educate students who are residents of NC before enrolling in their program. Based on what my school has gone through so far, I would not expect a school that is just starting the process to have it completed in the next few years, it appears to be very time consuming and setup to provide protectionist powers to UNC.

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