Question regarding prereq's and admission to BsN programme in US :-)

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hey all,

i'm a canadian (soon to be 4th year) bscn student with a quick question, as i don't quite understand the differences between the admissions to this programm between the us and ontario.

i'm hearing of people asking what your gpa was *prior* to entry into the program...and taking "prereq's". what's the procedure for beginning a bsn program?

up here, we apply straight from highschool. of course there are certain highschool credits which we had to obtain prior to application, but there are no post-secondary courses that we have to take to be admitted.

would someone mind clarifying for me please? thanks sooo much!! :-)

*yay for exams being done btw* :balloons:



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The requirements vary from state to state and often from school to school. In Florida, we have the following state-madated college level prerequisites that we have to have done before entering a nursing program (link):

(note that the page says you have to have 60 credit hours, that is just for a 4 year BSN program, 2 year ADN programs would generally only require the prerequisites listed in the chart (about 30 hours), but not 60 full hours).

Hope that helps.


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Thanks for the info!

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