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Question re:proper experience for FNP applicant?

Parsifal Parsifal (New) New

Hi. Just curious and hopeful someone here can lend a bit of insight. I will be applying to an FNP program in the coming spring...and was curious as to whether i should pursue a different position at my current place of employement.

My background is primarily critical/cardiac care (~10yrs in an ICU, ~4yrs cardiac step-down prior to that). Currently (the last year), i am working in an electrophysiology lab. The EP-lab is highly specialized and as a result i see only a focused/select patient population.

So...my question is this: I'll potentially be involved in the FNP program for 4 years (ill be part time). Would it be in my best interest to move to (for example) an ER-type environment...in order to see a high volume of 'office'-type patients/experiences? Or do you beleive my decade of critical-care experience would be adequate and/or relevant to FNP? My hunch is yes it would be beneficial to transfer to an ER...but my current work schedule is *sweet* and i'd be bummed if i had to jump back into shift-work and weekends.

Thanks in advance.

Hi. I don't really know what background would be beneficial for practice when you become a FNP. I worked in a sub-acute unit (short-term/90 days) in a skilled nursing facility for two years and I was accepted for the fall 2012 FNP program of Fresno State. I will be moving to home health nursing because the work load in the skilled nursing facility is too much and I will not be able to focus on my studies.

If you are thinking about the experience needed to get accepted to the program, if ever they will put much credit on it, then, in my opinion (i'm not sure if it's right though), you have an advantage. I do know however that they also put weight on your gpa, essay, and letters of recommendation.


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