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Question re: different hospital PCU standards

by LeapinLemurs83 LeapinLemurs83 (New) New

I was hoping I could get some help from the good nurses here on the forum. The PCU at my hospital just changed unit standards on assessing their PCU level patients and it seems different from the 'norm' of all the other hospitals I have ever been at. I realize there is no national standard.

So I was curious if you would be willing to tell me where (city/state or specific hospital) you are, what the unit standards for your PCU unit are (assessments q____ hours, vitals q_____ hours, I/O q_____ hours), and nurse to patient ratios.

All responses are greatly appreciated:inlove:


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New Hampshire, level 2 trauma center, 20 bed PCU. Ratios 1:4 on days, 1:4-5 nights. Assessments and vitals q4h, i&o q8h. Of course, VS and assements vary for different procedures (post cardiac cath, post temporary pacer wire pulling, etc).