Question about publishing, without doing a research study?



I was wondering if anyone thinks its possible or has tips on how to do so; but I was basically curious if one can publish an article that describes a phenomenon and/or approach to it, and recommend a study be performed? For instance, say I wanted to discuss an idea (this isn't my actual idea) that the masculine approach to pain management isn't effective and felt that certain "feminist" approaches may be more beneficial. The purpose of the article being to sell my hypothesis surrounding this idea to facilitate discussion surrounding this phenomenon and to recommend further study. Is this something publishable?

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Sounds like a lit review. IF there is literature out there about it. Lots of journals publish lit reviews.

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The key is to find the right "home" for what you want to say. You need to find a publication that prints the type of article you want to write. Some journals only print research. Others publish review articles aimed at teaching staff nurses how to practice. Still others focus on nursing philosophy ... or nursing education ... etc.

Another thing is to identify your potential reader. What really is your message and who would want to read it? Which publications are targeted to that audience? For example: if the only thing you have to say is, "I think someone should research this," that would not appeal to many readers. Such an article would have trouble finding a home as editors/publishers are looking for articles that appeal to their readership. But if you combined that message with a comprehensive review of the literature and/or a good case study ... concluding with "research is needed to improve practice in this area ..." well, then, that review and/or case study might be of interest to people interested in that topic and have a better chance of being published.

Good luck!