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Question on a post being closed now?


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Hey all, I was enjoying a thread last night about Rules of the OB Unit and I went through like 8 pages of it and was going to the next page and all of a sudden I got the screen saying that I probably didnt' have privelidges to see that post, etc. and to upgrade.

But why could I see it all that time, for 8 pages and then all of a sudden its gone? Its sad b/c I was enjoying it and I can't afford to upgrade my membership right now, I have a child and home to support, 30 bucks is not something I can part with right now. So I'm a little disappointed that the post is gone, anyone know what happened to it?

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Friendly neighborhood moderator response: :)

It wasn't closed. After staff discussion, we removed it from view so we could take a look at the whole thing. It was starting to need some cleanup anyway.

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