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Question about my physical for nursing school.

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Okay, so I know before you start nursing school that you have a physical to see if you are a harm to yourself or to any patiant. I know that one of these tests is a Titer check. I am Rh- Sensitized meaning I have an O- Blood type and my husband has an O+. I had an O+ baby and I am one of the .1% that the Rhogam shot did not work for. Therefor my body has made anitbodies against any Postive blood type. It is permanent. Not harmful to myself what so ever. But I do have VERY high titers. Would this prevent me from getting into nursing school?? It might sound really petty but my own blood did much harm to our daughter before and after she was born. And she is a positive blood type just like 85% of the world. Any experienced nurses, especially any in a high risk OB/GYN clinic know if this would be an obstical?? Thanks so much!


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The titers are drawn to check your immunity to your childhood immunizations not to see what blood type you have and your Rh factor. I myself would not worry about the PE since the school just wants to know if you have any medical condition that could affect giving care to the pt (for example a seizure disorder, previous CVA, ect) What your condition is does not interfere with providing safe pt care and do not see a problem with them clearing you for the program.


Thank you so much! I was so worried about that! Silly I know but at least I don't have to wonder about it anymore. =)