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is it real hard? and for those who passed it how did you do it?

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I'm about halfway through my pharmacology class in nursing school at the moment, and it is definitely doable and not worth stressing excessively over, especially if you aren't even in the class yet.

Our pharm professor is VERY intimidating and she grills us every time we have class so it FEELS hard, but the tests actually aren't as hard as the professor makes us feel like they will be. Maybe this is because she prepares us to expect the worst, so we study harder and end up doing better than we normally would have.

Just make classification tables for the drugs you are to learn (include generic name, purpose, action, side and adverse effects, what needs to be assessed on the pt before/during/after administration, how to administer med, what is necessary to teach the pt about the med, and what needs to be evaluated after giving the med) and study those. Keep your tables concise so that they contain only pertinent information.

Remember that most of the questions you will be asked on your test will be in NCLEX format (or ours are, at least), so it's not simply memorizing the fine details and regurgitating them later that is important, but being able to apply the knowledge of the meds to actual patient situations. At least always know the normal side effects, adverse side effects, s/sx of toxicity, and what needs to be assessed in the patient before and after administrating the med.

Good luck in pharm! Study hard and I'm sure you'll do fine! :nurse:

One of my favorite courses! Draw out concepts, explain what you learned to someone else, write out every single one of your drug cards, and read, re-read, and read again.

is it real hard? and for those who passed it how did you do it?

hmm.. pharmacology is a hard subject .. but i got 1.75 grade ... maybe because i always review the drug handbook.. the drug study and always have interest on it..

u need to have a good memory to pass this subject.. its more on memorization ... drugs are just vice versa in effect.. the other drug increases..the other one decreases..

you can do it!

thank you for the encouragement you all appreciate it!

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