Question for PCTs who started out as CNA in LTC facility?


How long did it take you to get job in hospital while working as a CNA.. Nd do I need to pay for phlebotomy class in order to work in a hospital. any other info u can give me would be helpful... Thanks!


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I got a job at the hospital straight out of school, but I was fortunate to go to a school where we did clinicals at LTC and the hospital. My employer told me that phlebotomy is helpful, but not a requirement. I guess it depends on the facility. Good luck!

Also, don't be picky. If you need full time, and the hospital offers you PRN, take it! Get your foot in the door any way you can. That's my best advice :)


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My first job out of CNA school was in a hospital as a PCA. The hospital taught me EKG and will pay for phlebotomy and CPR classes. They told me that phlebotomy is not necessary though because the lab techs and RNs are the ones that always do the draws anyway.


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Yeah same for me, I took a phlebotomy class but it was useless because the hospital system I work for has lab techs that do all the draws. It took about 5 months for me to get hired at the hospital as well.