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Hey guys!

So I am retaking Eng 1301 to replace my b w. an a.. unfortunately I have the WORST English teacher possible!

It was a late start class in which she has not shown up three times w/o telling us.. & I think this is her first year teaching.

The main thing is she is WAY to critical when it comes to grading, I am a good writer.. not OUTSTANDING, but definitely "a" worthy.. she keeps giving me b- for missing small things that involve MLA format.. ON ROUGH DRAFTS! NOT finals.. is it just me or is she way too strict?

Maybe it's because she has my chances of getting in right in her hands & she's horrible!

Plus, most of the kids in the class are obviously freshman who do not even show up & when they do, do not even complete their assignments.. so I am incredibly stressed out by my teacher's grading habits...

So.. what I am asking, what is a good way of approaching her about how IMPORTANT it is for me to make an a? I don't want to tell her that her grading methods are a little TOO strict, (but in reality they really are, I spent hours on all the papers I turned in..). I just want to stress to her how I really need to make an "A" & what I can do to achieve this since obviously I don't look "A" material to her...

Please, any advise on how to approach her, or talk w. her abotu this would be greatly appreciated!

SO stressful working hard to get an a that you feel you deserve when you're teacher is horrible.

Thanks!!! :D

The best way I know of to tell a teacher you need an A, is to do everything in your power to earn one. (that is not intended to be facetious although I realize it might look like it).

So, divert some of the time you are spending on the composition itself to fine tuning the mechanics. Use citationmachine or other websites to either check yourself or teach yourself what info to put where and how.

See her during office hours (maybe several times) to discuss what you are missing and/or where to go to learn how to do and/or whether you're getting it as you work on it. Your attitude is very important in doing this... bury the sense of unfairness and look for help. Then make a point of doing what she suggests.

I don't think it is particularily unfair, especially with the big push to avoid plagerism and respect copyrights.

At least MLA citing should be uncomplicated to fix. Tedious maybe, but they are so cut and dried it should be a matter of plugging the info into the form and triple or quadruple checking that you didn't miss anything.

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