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I know this isn't about nursing school or drugs but I don't have health insurance so I'm trying to figure out if its worth the medical bills to go to the doctor or if i'm being paranoid. I am 26 and having been tanning on an off since i was 15, i grew up in the south so its part of the culture to be tan and ive been weaning myself off of them, i believe it is an addiction, but i have had a pretty much colorless spot growing on my back, very slowly getting bigger over years and for the past year my immune system seems to be going downhill, im sick constantly, with fevers, chronic coughs, dizzy spells, and nausea. im worried but i dont know because the bump isnt a weird shape or color. If anyone has an opinion id love to hear it.

ps-besides that one bump, i dont have anything but freckles.

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as per terms of service we can not offer medical advice. you really need to discuss issues with your medical provider or some other medical provider

this is not a medical advice bulletin board

this is a board for nurses and nurses-to-be to discuss nursing issues. please do not ask for any medical or nursing feedback related to a health situation that affects you, a family member, or someone that is not a patient under your care. this is not a free medical advice board. please be aware that cannot be responsible for problems resulting from reliance on medical or nursing advice received here. if you have a medical problem, please seek attention from your health care provider.

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