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question from a not so new grad


Hi all. I tried posting in my local region with few responses so I'll try here in hopes I can get more feedback. To make a really long story short, I graduated with my ASN in the summer of 2007, moved to CA and was unable to find a position anywhere within my region and now recently moved to GA. I was previously licensed as an LPN, but took an LPN to RN program instead of practicing (so pretty much I have the ballpark of about 2000 clinical hours, but it has been a while) to try to get ahead in my career path.

I passed the nclex just over 2 years ago, still have not worked anywhere in the field of health care because I never found any place in the east san francisco bay area that would hire new grads. I was wondering if the average "new grad" who was unable to find employment after searching for 3 years is still prepared to practice if they are still issued a license by endorsement in a new state (I moved across country) and able to find a position in 2010.

Is the new grad program enough to refresh your skills and be safe to practice? Or do you think a re-entry program should be considered? Any thoughts and tips would definitely be appreciated. It's been so long since clinical I thought I would ask. I just recently got my RN license through endorsement, but wanted feedback prior to applying for jobs in case there was a better alternative. When I was in Indiana for nursing school, everyone was saying how pretty much all your skills ect were taught on the job and that school was pretty much to get familiar with the skills + different specialties. Is this true?