Question about Navy Nurse Candidate program?


I would begin nursing school in fall 2014. When should I apply? I'd get my acceptance letter in late january/early febuary of 2014. Are all the interviews one on one or groups? I'm on the shy side. How can I overcome this while being interviewed? What are some questions I should be prepared to ask. How quickly do these spots fill up? I need any advice I can get.


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Just submitted my NCP package in September. You should talk to your medical recruiter in your area and see if you can begin the paperwork process....there is a lot of it! However, you cannot technically submit your package until you have an acceptance letter, so it will mostly depend on that. But in the mean time, you can complete your security clearance, reference forms, motivational statement, nurse interviews, etc. Talk to your nearest Officer or Medical programs recruiter for more specifics.

Interviews are done one on one, however I had some help. My mom is a retired Commander, Navy Nurse Corps, so I had some of her friends do my interviews and they already knew me. But be confident and poised. Practice interviewing if you can to prep yourself. Be prepared to answer questions such as "Why do you want to be a Navy Nurse? Why the Navy over other branches? What leadership experience do you have? What can you bring to the Navy? Do you have any healthcare experience? Why do you want to serve?" etc...

I have no idea how many slots there are but I do know they fill up fast. It is very competitive. Best of luck!