question about multiple agency submissions..


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Hi ok so if i filled out paperwork for two agenices and one submits me to one hospital and the other submits me to another hospital is that legal and ok? I just want to increase my chances of getting what i want...

Some agencies tell me when i fill out their application and they submit me to a hospital i can only work with them...but isnt it ok to work with more than one agency aslong as two agencies dont submit me to one hospital?


You are allowed to apply to multiple agencies. It is ok to be submitted to several hospitals by more then one agency. However, when you interview with a hospital and you choose to take that position, you are then committed to that hospital and that agency for whatever length of contract. Hope i answered your question.

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As long as you are only submitted for a particular assignment by ONE agency, you're OK. It's considered a big no-no to have 2 different companies submit you for the SAME assignment (not illegal, just frowned upon), but you can have different agencies submit you for different assignments. I would be leery about any recruiter who tells you that it is illegal for you to work with several different companies- sounds like he's afraid of a little healthy competition!

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