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Hello Everyone,

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I know that some of you are in the MassBay evening / weekend program and I hope you can answer a couple of questions for me. I am considering applying there and will be going to the info session this week.

Regarding clinicals for Nursing II, III & IV....I see in the course schedule that these are btw 12 - 14 hrs a week. Is this true for the eve / wknd program or is this just for the daytime program? Given that this program runs for 3 yrs instead of 2, I thought that the clinicals would be stretched out a bit.

Also, do you do all of your clinical time on Sundays, or do they also schedule this for during the weeknights or Saturdays?

Lastly, do you generally go to facilities (hospitals, ltc, etc.) in Framingham or do you have to go into Boston?

I appreciate ANY insight you can give me! My husband currently works evenings, so I'm trying to figure out just how much creative scheduling we will need to do.

Thanks so much...


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With any nursing program it depends on the availability of clinical sites. I do recall at times clinical rotations being done on weekends for the night time LPN students.

Mass Bay is the ONLY true night time nursing in MA that one could actually work out scheduling wise for a working person.

Thanks for responding, drmorton2b. I went to the info session on Friday &, for both day & evening programs, it is 7 hrs clinical per wek the 1st semester then 12-14 hrs clinical per wk for 2nd and after. That is in addition to about 4 hrs class time + lab.

Could you tell me what nights during the week that most of the MBCC evening/weekend nursing program classes and clinicals take place? (I travel for work a couple of weekdays at a time but less than once a month and I have some control of what nights I'm away. I wondered if MBCC concentrates their classes/clinicals all throughout the week during a semester or if they concentrated activities such as Monday/Tuesday, Thursday/Friday?) This is a great forum, thank you.

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