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Hey, So I am a senior in nursing school and will be graduating and going for my license soon. I realized that when taking the exam you are asked to say which state you are getting the license for. My question is, What if I am thinking of working in Mass. but I am looking in other states and find a job in PA? Do I need a new license? Are there a form I fill out? I cant seem to find any information on this on-line.


Each state has its own board of nursing. I applied in my home state and took the exam there, then I had an interview in another state. I had to apply for endorsement in that state and pay a whole slew of fees to get licensed there. Some states require fingerprints that must be done in state (so I had to go there) and some states have other requirements. Just look up the BON in each state you are considering and see what the endorsment process is. I just want to warn you, it took way longer than the website stated for my second license to be endorsed and there were a lot of hidden fees. So give youself plenty of time. Some states do issue temp permits to work while the process is taking place.

Once you have your license try to narrow down which state you want to work in, it can be costly to get multiple licenses, but it def helps to ALREADY have the license in the state you are applying. Once I hd it on my resume I got way more callbacks.

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