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My mother S/P TAH with BSO with 2 Jackson-Pratt drainage was about to D/C home today. The GYN Surgeon successful took out 1 Jackson Pratt, but when he d/c'd the second one not all the tube came out. The Surgeon was very surprise, he went on saying all his 20 plus years experience this never happen to him. So, about 4 inches of the tube is still inside my mother (she said about4-6 inches).She was going to OR to take out the rest of the tube today but the anestisialogist (spell check) had other cases already scheduled. So my mother just called and told me the GYN Surgeon and the OB/GYN tried again to take it out at bedside with the help of an ultrasound machine to guide them and Ativan and Narcotic to calm her of course. Again no success. So in AM she's going to OR to take it out. What do you guys think happen? I asked my fellow nurse colleague with over 20 years experience (Med/Surg) if she ever experience this or heard of it she says "No d/c'ing a Jackson-Pratt was always successful".The Surgeon added that it could be a manufacturer defect,this was the first time he ever used a different manufacturer.


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Wow that scary! Never heard of that in my 15yrs. Keep us updated. :uhoh21:

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Never heard of that one.


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Got me on this one, too. Gee, I wonder who the manufacturer was? Hope that the hospital/doc notifies them & the FDA ASAP!


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That's a weird one for sure. I've removed JP drains that almost required me to brace a foot on the bed to pull out.

Must be a manufacture defect.


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Is he certain that it wasn't cut shorter than the standard length before he put it in?

We frequently cut the drains to fit into the wound.

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I have never heard of that either. That is sad.



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Never heard of this in 26 yrs of nursing. Keep us posted.

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i HAVE heard of them coming apart before,and having to be surgically removed. As nurses, we take them out all the time. But if we have a problem (they usually come out quite easily), then we leave them in and call the surgeon.


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here's an update.

my mother had to go to surgery to get it removed. they didn't really open her big just one "puncture wound" the surgeon said he thinks there was probably a small break/cut originally and it became worse overtime and by pulling it out probably didn't help. Anyways, surgeon said he sent it out/had the OR Dept look into it. All is well and my mother is d/c home today.

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Good News! :)

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