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I know this sounds really weird, but can hypothyroidism and/or treatment of hypothyroidism (Levoxyl) cause teeth to spread apart? My once perfectly straight teeth with no gaps are starting to have gaps! They were perfect (thanks to spending 1/2 of high school as a metal mouth) until I started taking the six weeks into the thyroid treatment, they seem to be spreading apart...also they are a funny color...almost like they are trying to be clear, but not.

Going to ask my doctor about all of this nex time I see him, but thought I might check here first. :)

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Hmmm...I have been on Cytomel for a low thyroxine level about two months now, and I've noticed the same thing happening. :uhoh21: Don't think it's medication related...possibly genetic or not enough of the right nutrition???? Guess I should ask my doc next week when I see him. :)

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