question about home health


I'm a nursing student, and wondering if anyone could tell me what specifically it is that home health nurses do?

my main question - do you ever have to cook for people? there are certain foods that are against my religion to either eat myself or prepare for others, so I'm curious if there would be a conflict there. if so I'll just consider another area of nursing.

what do you guys do on a daily basis?


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Nurses provide skilled nursing care to patients in the home setting. Cooking is a skill that might be done by home health aides who assist patients with the activivities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, light meals, or medication reminders.

As a nurse, you more than likely wouldn't be involved with cooking meals. Dietary restrictions would be discussed with your employer prior to you being assigned a case where this would be a problem. You would not be assigned where your religious or cultural beliefs could not be recognized.

You can find threads describing the daily duties of hh nurses in the home health forum.

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