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I am considering another business venture with a friend/collegue. We want to teach businesses different classes. I teach Pediatric BLS now to child care givers for $25/ person.

We want to expand that thought & do classes on First Aide/CPR, Friends & Family CPR, AED instruction (among others) to businesses. How much do others in the nation charge per person to do these classes? Any suggestions? We are curious. Thanks! :D

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Hi HealingTouch:

I just noticed you did not get a resonse yet; hopefully, some colleagues will notice your query. I think others will have some valuable input.

I too, have my CPR teaching certifcate. I did think, at one time, that I wanted to pursue this endeavor too. Quite frankly, I am so busy with other "projects" that I have not devoted the time to this potential Market.

My thoughts are, the best way to research a market is to not reinvent the whell. I would try to "find" a class of the nature you are thinking of teaching and seeing what the competitors charge in your area or other areas that are demographically like yours.

What I have viewed, is the big money is in the school districts for teaching. I have done some volounteer work in my childrens classes (mostly emergency facts of when and how to seek help if they see someone in distress); I have enjoyed this so very much but again, I did not want t invest the time etc. needed to research and market my services.

I hope that helps for starters. Anyone else have any thoughts or ideas??? :D


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thanks! will do...:chuckle

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