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I have recently been accepted into an RN program after two years of hard work. My criminal background is as such. DWI in 1994, Hot Checks in 1998 and a FTA in 1998 on a traffic ticket. Bad news huh? Now the good news, The Hot check was just expunged Friday and I have mailed in the request to have the DWI expunged and see no reason why it shouldn't be, because I meet the State standard that 5 years have elapsed since the incident. The FTA on a traffic ticket seems more difficult as the court says they have no record of it, but it does show up on my FBI background check.

So, my question is will I not be allowed entrance into the program? No where does it state that they will deny me entrance into the program but I must start the DO process if my background check comes back with a hit, which it will. School begins August 25 and I have orientation this week on the 8th. If I can show the orders to expunge on the hot checks and DWI and will continue to work on clearing my FTA charge, will the school take that into consideration?

I have read many stories on here with the BON taking up to 6 months to process DO's that are sent to enforcement (seems like almost everything is sent to enforcement) would the orders to expunge suffice to allow me entrance into the program?

These charges are from 16-20 years ago and although the DWI is clearly my fault the hot checks were due to a roommate I had at the time. He stole checks from my box of checks and went to town. I paid all fines associated with them and he just got released from Prison after serving 5 years for fraud, identity theft and various other crimes.

The FTA was because I was out of State working and couldn't make it back in time for court. All fines have been paid and I have no other issues besides those from many decades ago.

In the end my record will be clean with everything expunged but this will probably take a month or so to accomplish. Since my school starts on August 25, I will still not have the order to expunge on the DWI and the FTA.

If I had known that the TX BON will use anything on your record, no matter how long ago, I would have started this process many moons ago. Anyway, the school was accepted to is Grayson.

So, if anyone knows what they will accept and wont accept please give me some good news! I know if I can just make it into the program and given a month I can have all of my record expunged and sealed.

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The only ones who can accurately answer that question is the school which you applied to. You should have already declared most of this to them when you applied, so it shouldn't be any big surprise to them when you call and ask.

Best of luck.