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I am going to start some negotiations at my job to add benefits for education expenses. I have a week of time every year that is allotted for education but no cash. If any of you have this as a benefit would you mind sharing what you have allotted per year and any stipulations. Thanks in advance for you help. I really appreciate it.


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Currently, NP's (and CNM's, and PA's) at our hospital receive a $1500 Mastercard a year for continuing education use. The entire amount on the credit card should be used each year and does not carry over to the next year if not completely used. Also, the card can only be used for education purposes but can also include purchase of medical texts. In the past, our department has arranged for NP's on our team to attend certain conferences that end up going over the limit of $1500 a year and we have been reimbursed for the cost 100% regardless. However, I doubt if this will continue with the current economic situation. For now, we continue to have the $1500 Mastercard to use each year. We also have a week of paid time off for CME each year.

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I work in a large private practice and have $1500 per year and 40 hours per year for CMEs.


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2,000 bucks a year and 5 days cme paid off


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I receive $2500 and 1 week of time.

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