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question for don..plz

me2shugar me2shugar (New) New

If anyone could help please.

I am a new lpn, have a two year degree with 30 hours pre nursing courses, going into rn program.

I have not worked under my lpn license ..but was just offered a prn with a LTC facility.

They offered to train me for a temp assignmet/person going on med leave,

It would be doing PAE/PAASAR for new admitts

The DON that hired me has only been don for 6 months


I am not RN...can they train me for the position...or am opening my self for some sort of liability

The position also will be in charge of infection control tracking...which I have no idea what this is

Should I trust this position is ok for my first job ?

Just shaky about what I should be doing under LPN license at LTC..

thank you

Ps they said the pae/paasar (which I have never done ) is electronic..does this matter?

CapeCodMermaid, RN

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I don't think you need to be an RN to be in charge of infection control..at least in Massachusetts. Check with the BON in your state to find the details. PASSARs can be done by an RN, LPN, or social worker and take no more than 3 minutes, unless you admit a lot of people with long psychiatric histories.

If they have a staff position that just has these 2 functions, the place must be really well staffed.

CapeCodMermaid, RN

Specializes in Gerontology, Med surg, Home Health. Has 30 years experience.

While I appreciate the information, unless Mr Ashe is an authority on the rules of the Boards of Nursing of all 50 states, it would be unwise to stake one's professional life on his say so.


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I would check your state's requirements for an infection control nurse. I know in Florida, you can be an LPN in the infection control position. I think this position is one that an LPN can do but don't you want to work on the floor and work on your skills? It's very helpful when going to school to have some of your skills down pat.


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In VA, LPN's can complete PAE and also be infection control nurse. The only requirement is that a RN is available for consult at any time (i.e. DON, ADON, Admin RN, RN UM, etc. etc.

Thank you for all the advice. I am sure there are ways to get around things and I am just not that familiar with it all yet.

I am in TN, sorry didn't mention that.

I am going to be calling the BON to make sure I am in scope of practice or what I need to keep it covered.

I found out today that the person leaving is the ADON...so I will be talking to the DON a little more about what is expected.

I dont mind being trained for ADON, just need to understand where I need to keep myself covered.

Well if they already know that you are LPN and still offered you the job, then more likely the job is legit. You will have nothing to loose regardless, so i will say to go for it. Besides, there are some online programs that will allow you to complete your rn if you are an lpn already. So it will be more convenience for you to work and take classes. Good luck!