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There is an opening on the Air Force base here in town that I am interested in applying for. Just wondering how you guys are being affected by this budget fiasco. Are you even going to get paid until they some how come to a resolution. I wanted to take my resume over to the hiring office since this position is not one through the USAjobs site but I don't know if they will do anything with it now. I would hate for it to just sit on someone's desk for weeks. Thanks!


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I asked about the same job at the base where my boyfriend is stationed. Since the job is through DOD, the other time before Congress and the President agreed to anything and we lost our credit rating, my boyfriend was saying he wouldn't go to work. Lucky for him, he wasn't deployed so him and his squad not going wouldn't result in immediate deaths. To answer your question about whether they get paid or not, if they don't reach the resolution or whatever is going on (we deliberately go out of our way to not know what's going on since, well, I don't like political topics because I almost always know I won't agree with the other person, and neither will my boyfriend), no, you won't get a paycheck.

As for taking your resume to the base, I would find out for sure they actually have an opening. When I went to the base, the woman responsible overseeing that vacancy said it was a general posting, and for this base, there was no opening available. I was told I would have to wait for someone to leave, have their person to PCS elsewhere, or quit. There's that huge list of bases with positions (I don't know why they put ALL those bases on the list), but it's kinda useless. If I remember correctly, the woman said my resume would be good for a year.

Good luck!


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There are limitations to how much they can prevent you from working (furlough). We got a notice at work last week that IF it goes through, we will start seeing non-work non-pay days in April, but there is a cap on how many a pay period and how many days total in the fiscal year. As far as I know, this is in effect (or will be) DoD wide.

So yes, we still get a paycheck. It won't be as much as we are used to, but we still get one.

If it is a job you would really like, there isn't anything wrong with submitting your résumé. We still have new people coming, although I think they were hired before this sequestration talk began. Worse case, they have it and can't act on it until this gets settled. They can always interview and tell you they want to hire as soon as funding is figured out.

Good luck with whatever you decide!!


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I stand corrected on pay:)