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I'm wondering if any of you past or current JHU students could answer a couple questions for me about their program, specifically their 2ns bachelors degree. If you have a family, how hard was it to work classes/clinicals around kids? Are the classes offered in the evenings and weekends? Are all clinicals at Hopkins? Did you find the program supportive? Also, I can't find anything in their info packet they sent me or on thier site if they have a minimum GPA to apply. All I can see is you have to hold a bachelors and have at least a B in the listed pre reqs.

Any help or info from your perspective wil lbe greatly appreciated.

Specializes in SRNA. Has 13 years experience.

Required courses in the curriculum are offered in one section during the day (and first semester extend through to late afternoon), optional electives are held in the evenings. There is no evening/weekend option (although they have polled us on the possibility of weekend clinical in the future). I don't have a family, so I can't speak to that, a few of my peers are mothers with teenage children and a few have small children.

There is no official minimum GPA to apply, you should contact an admissions officer and have a discussion if you would like more details regarding average accepted GPA and they may be able to do a transcript evaluation for you to see where you stand in a potential applicant pool.

Good luck :)


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I'm a current student at JHUSON for the 2nd degree program.

I don't have any kids..but I'll tell you a lot of what's helping me get through the program is my husband.

He does a lot if not all of the cooking, cleaning, etc.

I know a lot of other students in this program are married and/or have children.

They are all managing great!

If you contact the school, and ask for Shari Lynn..she is my advisor and also a graduate of the accel program.

She was married, had children, and she'll tell you her experience of the program.

The good thing is, it's only 13.5 months...once you start, it'll be over sooner than you know.

Re: clinicals...they aren't all at Hopkins. Most clinical rotations are throughout hospitals in Baltimore inc. Mercy, Franklin Square, Union Memorial, Bayview, Hopkins, GBMC, Howard County, Sinai.

No GPA minimum...they look at the whole person. Call..staff are incredibly kind!

Hope this helps!


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This question and answer section were perfect for me! Can't believe I didn't see this sooner, but it's comforting to see it now, since I have applied for JHUSON, in the ABSN/MSN. Hoping to hear something soon. Nervous, b/c I'm already reading that some have already been given phone interviews. Yikes! >


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