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My short term goal is becoming an RN, long term goal, FNP. Two of my reasons for going into nursing is the 3 day 12 hour shifts, and the pay, which is considerably higher than I will ever make in my current profession. I was planning on getting an ADN instead of BSN because it is quicker. How is this going to affect my long term goal? Has anyone experienced this?:confused:


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Hi there,

Once you have your ADN, you can start working, which helps with the income situation. You can then enroll in a bridge program - an accelerated degree completion program - to complete your BSN. Some colleges also offer an ADN-MSN fast track bridge program. Since the bridge programs cater to working professionals who have clinical experience, online learning is often available. It's a good way to go if you need to get working sooner rather than later. :)


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Both BSNs and ADNs can be RNs, and both can be excellent nurses. In the short term, going for the ADN is quicker, yes. But If you are planning to continue your education sooner, rather than later, it might be more beneficial to go ahead and get the BSN. Many Masters and NP programs require a bachelors degree, even if you have experience. Also, if you are interested in Managment, and hope to move up the ranks quickly (quicker, anyways), you should probably go ahead and do the BSN. But with either way, the BSN, or ADN, you can still be a great nurse.

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