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Question about charges not on Live Scan but submitted to BON

I just received my denial letter in the mail. One thing I noticed is that they sent me a page from my livescan which only had two of my prior convictions and not the five that I have. I was researching tonight and just found a post that said to do your own livescan first before disclosing any convictions because not all crimes are federal. Boy do I wish I would've seen that post before I disclosed all my convictions. Now I am kind of stuck.

I know I want to appeal and do the stipulation but should I try to expunge my record first? Or just go through with the stipulation and see what happens? Now that the BON has convictions that the FBI didn't have on my report what will happen? Will they add those crimes to my file or discard them as the DOJ didn't disclose those?

Trying to clarify...so you are saying that you disclosed convictions not on your DOJ and FBI background checks? And other than you telling the BON, there is no history of these convictions? I'm trying to get a better understanding as I'm trying to decide if going into lvn will be worth it due to all the extra stuff and the possibility of not getting licensed(CA). I have one misdemeanor that is considered or under the category, disorderly conduct...no dui's, no thefts or burglaries, no assaults or batteries, no fraud, no vandalism, no child endangerment....still shows up ofcourse on FBI as convicted, even though I had it expunged. Haven't done a DOJ yet. I need to go down to court house and get certified copies of expungement. But I was worried about a possible wreckless driving reduced to an infraction from 20 years ago but there is not record on my FBI file. And WA state said that the infraction isn't on a criminal record and with the DOL...I didn't get arrested for it..I don't recall getting fingerprinted either. I really don't remember..lol...Not sure I have to report it or not as I said, I don't remember. It is out of state......Ive lived in CA for 11 years. So debating on this.....only thing on my FBI report is the one charge from 2008(which I got down in CA, where currently reside). For the record I am not a student as of yet. I'm a cna working at a home care agency in CA.

@sreneesa Yes I disclosed convictions not on DOJ or FBI. I never got around to expunging my record so on my state website these convictions can be seen. I would do the DOJ if I were you. I recently submitted mine after my denial letter because I want to see what's on there. The application is 1 page and relatively simple, and there is a fee of $18, plus you can get your fingerprints from the local police department.

I wish we could get more input from someone with more experience but I'm just going based off what I've read in these forums. Hope some of this helps

That is the next thing I am going to do is the DOJ. I just figured that the fbi background would encompass all convictions, etc. I believe driving infractions in my home state, WA, fall off after five years...this was like almost 20 years ago. I'm unsure if I should disclose it if nothing pops up on FBI background. I'm pretty sure it's not on the DOJ, as I believe it's only for CA state. I checked my driving record with CA DOL and my driving record is clean. I also am a certified nurse assistant. I had to get clearance from DOJ before attending the class. I only disclosed my misdemeanor...was cleared with no problem.

Honestly, up until now, I hadn't thought about the driving infraction from so long ago. I am going to research further but I know it's not criminal. And, I'm sure the fine wasn't over 1000, and I didn't get arrested or fingerprinted. I may have done community service. I really don't remember if the community service I did back then was due to being in trouble as I volunteered anyway back then. But, what little I remember, it was put down to an infraction. That may already be off my record due to it falling off after five years. I guess, I need to try and get my DL record from WA. I tried online, but it wants your WA DL number, which I do not remember. I may have an old driving license around.

I'm wondering if the driving infraction would be found if it's in another state.....especially if not found on FBI criminal history,,,especially if it is off your records after five years and doesn't show up on CA driving record...I don't know. I hope others chime in.

And thank you for the info. It did help.

I also want to apologize for hijacking your thread. You have very important questions that deserve attention. My bad.


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