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Hello! I just started nursing school and have been reading this board for the last month or so. I havn't seen this asked before but I havnt went through all of the messages so forgive me if this has been posted. I need to purchase a drug book, med dictionary, nursing care plan book and lab diagnostic tests book and have been told it's our choice, our instructors can not recommend one over another. What's the best or do they really all stack up the same? Also, like some of you, I am using the 7th edition of nursing fundamentals by Potter and Perry. At work I have internet access and wanted to utilize the book's website if helpful. I went to the website listed and registered but it only lists the 6th edition and comes up with nothing when I enter the 7th edition. On the back of the book it says the site has video clips and other resources I'd like to use but can't seem to find on the website. Can anyone help? I plan on utilizing the cd that came with the book also but can't use the cd at work, only the internet. Thanks in advance for your help!


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Here's what I have: Taber's Dictionary, Davis Drug book and a lab book by Pagano. The Nursing Careplan book we were to buy was the one by Gulanick but I don't like it. I prefer Nursing Diagnosis Handbook by Ackley and Ladwig. Good luck!

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