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After you turn in your application and other paperwork to the AF healthcare recruiter, do you have to complete physical and then they turn in application? Also, when they turn in application do you have to wait to see if your accepted in, or is that what the boards are for? Also, do I have to go to the boards or does my recruiter do that alone or not at all? Thanks again guys. You have been a world of help. :)

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1. You first meet face to face with your recruiter and they re fill out most of your application in the format they want it. 2. They then send you with "letters of reference" forms that you have coworkers, bosses, etc. fill out. 3. Then you go to MEPS. 4. Then you have the Chief Nurse interview. 5. Then your recruiter will submit your completed packet to the selection board. 6. Then you get to wait, and wait, and wait, oh yeah and wait some more:clown: Some seem to hear more quickly than others that they are selected (past posts show some hearing within a week of the end of the board and others waiting several months). From what I have read on this forum, it appears you get a phone call or word from your recruiter that you were selected, then a letter in the mail?? At some point after that you will be commissioned, then you set off for COT. Hope that helps! Also, this has just been my experience and timeline but may not be the same for you. I do know from my recruiter that they are having less boards and fewer slots to fill. I have heard similar stories from people trying to get into the Army and Navy as nurses. I would be persistent with your recruiter to try and get your application in for the November board, otherwise you may be waiting several months with it completed for the next board to review it.

Thanks for the info. My recruiter actually sent me the application via email for me to fill out myself.... Also, she told me to get letters of recommendation and didn't mention forms that need to be filled out for that.... I tell ya, I get confused sometimes when I keep reading other people's experiences. Everyone seems to be doing things differently. But I appreciate the advice. :)

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My experience has been speaking only to the recruiter on the phone after trying several weeks to find one in NY. Found out the NY recruiter retired, but never left a voicemail to that effect. After numerous calls I found one in Conneticut. We have never met. She asked for my resume, an essay on my interests for joining. my school transcripts and a letter verifying my scool was NLN accredited. This packet went to the Surgeon General and within 2 weeks I was told to proceed. I was then sent the MEPS paperwork and returned that with additional note from my physician. I was then cleaed to physical and am going to MEPS on 09/29/10. My process has been different than the previous post. I am not sure if it is because I am going in the reserves or does it depend on the recruiter? I have no idea!

It depends on what comes up as your paperwork is submitted. It sounds as though you needed some sort of waiver (waivers go to the Surgeon General), which changes the process somewhat.

There's a "generic" way things are supposed to go, but it does go differently for some people. Don't let that worry or upset you.

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