question for Bayada nurse (especially in New York)


Do you ever have a problem getting the amount of hours that you want to work? I know they say that it's a "process" and that they can't guarantee a certain amount of hours, but i was just curious how easy/hard it was to get the amount of hours that you wanted (especially if you wanted to work Full time).



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Staffing coordinators in general are able to show preferential treatment in the scheduling of nurses for available work. If asked, they will give you the standard answers, one of which depends on how "good" a nurse is about not accumulating "complaints". The truth be told, you can't tell when preferential treatment is being used against you or anyone else unless you are able to see the whole process. I once worked for a unionized agency that had a "priority" scheduling process in place. In order to receive "priority" in scheduling you had to be open to anything and everything. Distance, shift, days of week, no preferences dealing with smoking, children in home, pets, etc., etc. Basically it went by date of hire and if you were willing to do anything. Well, I was told point blank that they still scheduled people the way that they wanted to and nobody was the wiser. The priority system was there more to "fool" the union into thinking they were being fair. Same thing for pay rates. My general observation is that the people who are liked by the staffing coordinator(s) will be working more than those who, for some reason, are not on their good side. I imagine the same is true for Bayada offices. Have never heard of any of home health agency opening up their scheduling "books" so that people could see what is going on in this realm.

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