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hi all~~

i apologise for not posting in a long time. i'm a nurse, who is currently not working due to chronic pain. i am due for surgery in three weeks on my back, or "train wreck", as my ortho so quaintly puts it, :rolleyes: and am due for other surgeries after this.....ok, enough about my problems....however, my pain doc has started me on atiq for breakthrough med. i have sjogrens syndrome, and have/was taking elavil, (until recently, when my doc changed it to pamelor), so have some problems with moisture in my mouth. :angryfire although i have found it a bit easier to use now, as opposed to a couple years ago, as far a getting the old salivary glands going, i also have practially no gum ridge, due to resorbing bone, and surgery. i'm presently waiting for my new denture to fit over some implamts in my lower jaw, but don't have them yet.

so, here's the question. since it is almost impossible to hold the "lolipop" between my (non existant) gum, and cheek, wouldn't the medicine be just as well absorbed under my tounge, as in nitro tabs?

i cannot find any info on using it that way, and am afraid of wasting the precious few i have to see if they work. i really want them to work out, as the patches have, to my surprise!

thanks to all, and wilo be back as soon as possible,


suzanne4, RN

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According to the literature that I did a search on, it is not recommended for putting it under your tongue like a NTG tablet. The effect of the lolli-pop is based on the action of the movement of it being rubbed over the buccal mucosa and not just sitting there. It is made to be time-released at different times and this is the only way to get its proper effect.

Hope that this helps you. I would just concentrate on rubbing it across your inner cheek if that is easier for you.


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