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Hi everyone! I am currently taking Human Biology 100. It is basically the same as Anatomy and Physiology, we are allowed to take this and 145 in place of the 2 anatomy courses (I am taking them as a refresher since I had taken both A&P classes 13yrs ago). Currently we are on the Nervous System and this is the first chapter that has actually given me a hard time. The first three test I received 97 and 104 out of 105 and a 121 out of 127. Something about this chapter is really giving me a hard time though. My question is how much of this do you actually have to know once you are out of school? Do you actually have to know every little detail such as the neurolgia, Astrocytes, and what they do or just a basic understanding that the body receives info through sensory, integrates the info and sends out a motor response. Just how much detail do you actually have to Know? The past 3 test I have studied really hard for and then 1/2 wasn't even on the test. I miss my family so I don't want to continue spending every waking second studying, and my grandmother (who I help care for) is sick and just came home from the hospital so I need to have time for her too. I don't want to just "get by" with my class either and end up not being capable of taking care of pts in the future. How much is enough?

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Although I may be sounding cynical, what is "required knowledge" ie: knowledge of the human body at a cellular level will NOT benefit your ability to deliver nursing care, pass the NCLEX, or save someones life. In fact, everything I know or learned about the human body was by working and caring for patients, picking the brains of the old timers, asking lots of questions and reading charts. Consider the fact you are gaining a degree and being taught by an Anatomy and Physiology teacher, so only to she or he is it really important, will it be important to you to know what an astrocyte is 5 years from now when you are taking care of people...nope. I am not advocating slouching in your studies for your degree or picketing outside the college in protest. Its just one of those necessary evils required of your nursing program. Relax...take it easy and be sure to take some time out for yourself and your family, it just might help you retain your studies when you return to the books....Good Luck:clown:

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