Queensborough CC nursing students - come here please!


This I copied and pasted from the CUNY portal schedule of classes when I looked up A&P1.


BE 112 (or BE 205) and BE 122 (or BE 226), or satisfactory score on the CUNY/ACT Assessment Test.

I already have a bachelor's degree from John Jay College (which means I've passed the cuny Assessment test already).

Does this mean that I'm exempt from taking any of these biology classes and that I can register for A&P 1 at Queensborough without having to take any pre-reqs?

Please help.


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Is it true at Queensborough you can only get into their nursing program if you are a student at Queenborough?

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Most of the Biology class require a basic math class. If u pass the CUNY assessment math test then maybe but it would be better to contact the school. themselves


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I finished my pre-nursing reqs last semester at QCC & this is what you should know. A&P 1 and 2 are needed as pre-reqs for QCC's nursing program. You do not have to do any biology courses other than micro. You must also check with admissions or academic advisement to see if your math score on the CUNY assessment was high enough for you to not have to take a non-credit math course or retest. Make sure you speak with several people in the nursing dept & advisement and remember to get names as they will all give you different info.


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You have to read the requirements again. BE stands for Basic Education and if you are a graduate, I believe you have fulfilled this requirement. You can take this class with no problem.

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