5 quarter units = 3.3 semester units??


Hello fellow nurses and future nurses! :)

I'm sort of confused on the conversion of quarter and semester units because today I received a letter from Mendocino College of Nursing located in California that my 5 quarter units each of human anatomy(taken at columbus state community college) and microbiology (taken at the ohio state university(micr509)) are a problem because the school requires 4 semester units, which they converted my 5 units into 3.3 units. This frustrates me because most quarter system anatomy, physio, and micro classes are 5 units. I tried calling them today in the afternoon, but no answer. I will call again tomorrow in the morning, but was looking for advice on what to say or do?

Also, I haven't started looking into all nursing colleges in california, but is this the case with semester nursing schools, will my 5 quarter unit classes not work?

any help would be appreciated!



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Well, I just got off the phone with the nursing director at mendocino college. Apparently, this isn't a reoccuring problem with most colleges in CA and that they turn down many students in this situation. The reason they do not accept 5qtr classes whether they're from another in-state school or not is because of the guidelines/curriculum that THEIR school agrees on with the board of nursing. Hope this helps someone for future reference.

BTW, the director at Mendocino College didn't seem so scary to talk to like some other colleges :up:


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omg! lacc told me that too! i was so mad and frustrated because i really want to get into a nursing program and he told me that the la district colleges have the same requirement. Now i dont know what schools to apply to that are convienent to me, i have to start looking for schools outside the college area.

I had a friend who took the same exact science classes as i did and she got into one of the la district colleges that the counselor at lacc mentioned that required semester units. so i thought that was really weird.

I went to cal state la that had quarter units instead of semester

so what do u think of doing now?

morte, LPN, LVN

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i would doubt that CLEP would be an option, but you could ask....


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morte - I just checked out CLEP, reminds me of the AP classes I took in high school.

omgitsmari - sigh, I'm really sorrry to hear that. I called LACC this morning, but they wouldn't really tell me anything over the phone and told me that I had to either go to general counseling and ask them, or track down the nursing counselor. I'm assuming you're from the LA area, do you plan to only apply to schools nearby because I've confirmed schools like cerritos(deadline passed 3/15) and antelope valley college (no deadline) accept class equivalents. I'm waiting for my counseling appt. with mtsac next. Let me know where you apply. I'll keep updating this thread where my units will transfer. So far I have like 30+ colleges I plan to apply to in CA, but the list is getting shorter because qtr/semester equivalents and now i'm stuck with a 100+ transcripts to get out :eek:. Have you contacted LA southwest? I cannot get anyone on the phone for the last couple of hrs this morning.


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yeah i live in the la area. i want to apply to mt. sac but its too far away from where i live. i dont have a car either. i will be willing to go outside the la county if i have to

so far i've applied at smc and pasadena college. i plan to apply at la county and they wont start letting students apply till may.

wow 30! where have u applied in the la county so far?

i did contact with someone at la southwest and they told me to meet up with a counselor first so they can evaluate my transcript and what not.

im glad, i thought no one else was going through this problem or quarter and semester units