Quality of life for elderly oncology pts.

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I had a patient today that was 80 years old. Came to PACU from yet another surgery (3 this week) for lymphoma and has undergone chemo. She was groaning and crying and all I could do was hold her hand and comfort her. Her blood pressure just kept dropping everytime we tried to give her meds so she was in agony and crying out "Please, let me die" and "someone help me". She was completely coherent and I felt so sad for her. As I was transpoting her to the floor it got worse and her daughter who met us in her room asked "Is this pretty normal?" and all I could say was that it varied depending on the person. She has been through so much and the family keeps subjecting her to surgery and chemo and she's not DNR status. I just wanted to cry when I left her there. We tried to get her a special care bed but there were none available. Now she's with a nurse who has 8-9 patients tonight so I know she won't get alot of attention. :crying2: The family just won't let go and will put her through anything just to keep her going. i feel so much pain for both her and the family. Sometimes there just comes a time when you have to ask yourself, is this a quality life? The family's selfish in a way by prolonging her suffering, as well as her life. It's so hard. Well that is my vent for tonight. Thanks for listening.


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