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  1. Hi all!
    I've recently applied for a position- RN coordinator for quality improvement (in the ambulatory setting of this organization).

    The position is frozen right now, but I think it is going to be approved and I'm meeting with the director of quality next week to "discuss" this position and the quality dept in general.

    A little bit of my background... I've been an RN for 10 years, 6 inpatient (m/s, ICU/travel/pacu) and internal med for 4 years. The job prefers an RN with both in/outpt experience, leader of a process improvement project focused on improving clinical outcomes, abstracting data from database and running reports. I've had some involvement in projects in the past and think I fit the requirements.

    My question... What should I be asking about this position? I'm going to inquire if there are other RN's in this position currently or if it brand new opening. There is no direct pt care, but I love being involved in creating new processes. I'm a semi-nervous presenter, but can get over these nerves in time. I'm very analytical and think I can really make a difference on a new level with my organization.

    Any tips? The "discussion" is next week. EEp! Any advice is appreciated!
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    Definitely, do some research on QM before the interview so you will be able to "talk the talk". If they don't expect you to be an expert immediately, let them know that you are a fast learner. You will need expert computer skills, so brush up quickly if needed. Network ASAP, if possible. QM is a "meeting loving" specialty.
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    Thank you! I've been brushing up on the Quality terms, how the CMS P4P reimbursement works, national quality metrics, etc. I enjoy analyzing data and know on the frontline here at work where there are gaps in care and where there is room for improvement. I'm very excited to learn more tomorrow. Hoping it's a good fit (and that this position is approved).
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    Just an update... The position freeze has been lifted and my interview went extremely well. She was very enthusiastic about hiring me and I already have a second interview scheduled for next week. I've been talking with some of the MD's in my practice to see what they think about what I should ask in the next interview with the COO and director. She suggests making sure that their expectations align with my quality knowledge base, which I think is wise. If any other recommendations or resources, please send them my way!