Post Op CABG and mortality rates

  1. I'm looking for some information/clarification to how these quality measures are reported. Specifically journal articles or places to research. Here's the situation. My background is in hospice services and we work with a variety of patients through out the hospital. One of the case managers I was working with was stating, she was hoping that bringing hospice on board would negate the negative report if a patient were to pass before POD 30. So currently many times, a patient will undergo a CABG and just not recover. Enough that their status is tenuous but the surgeons will recommend an aggressive course of treatment until they get to POD 30 and then allow comfort measures. The issue is that there are many patient's that need hospice services in this thirty day window but surgeons will not consult us to assist because it will reflect bad on their numbers. How can we get these patients hospice services without it reflecting bad on their numbers?

    currently we have inpatient units to where the patients can discharge to or contracts with the hospital to where the patient can be placed in a contract bed which is where the patient is "discharged", a new FIN and encounter is created and patient is readmitted with billing going to our hospice company. Will either of these negate the reporting numbers? Sorry if this is not quality terminology as I'm not in quality. Will try and clarify anything if you have question.
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  3. by   Ginger's Mom
    I would ask your hospital of the STS report, I think it will answer all your questions.

    Adult Cardiac Surgery Database Sample National Report | STS