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  1. Just a few questions. I was just made the QA nurse at our facility. This is a completly new job, there is no job description. Basically I'm making up my own job as I go. The DON and I have discussed what this would include, but this was part time. Just last week I was asked if I could make this a full time position. Now I'm just wondering what other directions to take this, since I will be more than doubling my hours. So far I have been reviewing chart order, assigning monthly summaries and making sure they are completed and correct, care plans for all residents, tracking antibiotics for acute infections, temporary discharges, glucometer and refrigerator controls, and auditing MAR's and TAR's. Any suggestions would be great. What other things do you get involved in? And I'm also wondering if I should count on having to do overtime and be there at all hours. This will be my first full time position after having my babies and I don't want them to think they've lost their mother. Thanks so much!
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  3. by   zahryia
    I think having an inservice about what quality improvement is REALLY about would be good.

    Also, try not to get so caught up in just monitoring data. Think ahead and figure out how what your goal or vision is for the unit. How will you get there? How will you measure success?

    Also think about how you will incorporate the staff so that they feel involved, but not burdened.

    If I were to sum up my stratedy in one word, I would say 'PDSA'. It encompasses teamwork, monitoring, measuring and improvement in small but effective increments.

    Good luck!!!
  4. by   rnmommy23
    I'm sorry, but what is PDSA? I think an inservice is a great idea. I was thinking of maybe doing a monthly newsletter with nursing news and something educational, just something small. Thanks for your reply.
  5. by   AMV
    PDSA is Plan - Do - Study - Act and is a method of rapid cycle improvement. Check out info from IHI for more information.