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Is anyone out there besides me doing HEDIS this year? Last year I was assigned 800+ charts to audit. For probably 400 of those, 3 of us went to the "desert" area to do them. This year I have 1274... Read More

  1. by   ARBY
    Yes, most companies allow all levels of medical experience, I believe 1 lady in my class was a MA.

    The company doing the reviews is generally who does the class for same.

  2. by   lakeland lpn
    thank you so much for such a prompt response
  3. by   doublezero
    Is there a HEDIS company that I can work full time now..please PM me..thank you!
  4. by   fredks
    I am looking for HEDIS work in West Michigan. Does anyone know of any 2010 HEDIS jobs. thanks.
  5. by   ARBY
    Google "HEDIS 2010 Michigan"
    If you don't find something now, repeat every few days as recruiters are starting look for nurses now.
  6. by   jpc1
    Interviewing today with a company from Austin, TX (HEDIS)---any one have any experience with this company APS? Are healthplans doing more of the abstraction work in-house--I am not seeing many jobs for this in this area (Bay Area, CA).
  7. by   sapfmcva
    Need some quick info... I just applied for a HEDIS nurse job in Va with an insurance company. wanted to know if someone could tell me the going hourly rate for this area.
  8. by   fredks
    How did your interview go with APS? I am looking at them myself.
  9. by   zahryia
    I started too late this year. I should've started applying earlier in the year.
  10. by   zahryia
    If anyone has info on DC and/or MD Hedis projects, please PM me. Thanks.
  11. by   phatty-poo
    Hi! Great info here: thanks. I just received a call to do Hedis in the philly area by a company called Outcomes, Inc. I'd get paid by the chart, work would last 6-8 weeks, and I'd be given a laptop and scanner to visit MD offices to get the info. My questions are: is this a good job and good company? Will the nightmares cited here as far as them not having charts or not knowing I'm coming or having to spend 1 hour abstracting an OB chart and only get $4.50 for it happen to me? And also, how much work is done at home when it is not reimbursed? I'd greatly appreciate any info. because I should reply back to this company in a couple days if I want this job or not. Thanks!
  12. by   phatty-poo
    Please, somebody answer me! I don't know if I trust this company or not and if I'm making a bad move even thinking about them. ANY advice?
  13. by   zahryia
    Phatty, please see the older threads as it relates to Outcomes. I think there is one at the top now. They also called me and I decided to pass based on the threads.

    But make your own decision. The thread that I referenced is relatively old and things may have changed for the better. Let us know how it goes.